Istanbul, Turkey hosted the 22nd World Petroleum Congress on 9 - 13 July 2017 in Istanbul.

The Congress was held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, with full support from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Turkish Petroleum is very proud to be the “Host Country Sponsor” of the event. The decision to broaden the Congress from its traditional focus on oil and gas to also address pivotal security, trade, economic and geopolitical issues enabled the 22nd WPC to expand the conference into a more comprehensive global platform for business and government leaders.

The 22nd WPC attracted widespread domestic and international attention with more than 12.000 participants from 102 countries; covering over 4000 delegates, 7 Heads of State, 38 Ministers, more than 500 CEOs / Presidents / Heads of International Organizations, over 500 media representatives (with live coverage of several sessions), 105 exhibiting companies, 105 exhibiting companies with over 1200 exhibitors, 18 sponsors, 48 media and event partners, representatives of governmental, non-governmental organizations and representatives of oil and gas industry.

Including plenary and keynote addresses from the most influential industry leaders, over 620 speakers in 124 sessions that addressed all aspects of the oil and gas industry including the upstream and downstream sector, natural gas and renewables and the sustainable management of the industry and thousands of specialists to network with, the Congress once again proved its role as the "Olympics of the oil and gas industry".

Besides a very satisfactory technical programme, highlights of the Congress included the Opening Ceremony, the Presidential Ceremony, the Turkish Night, Young Professionals Gathering in the Military Museum and the Closing Ceremony. Aside from the Plenaries and Special Sessions, the four technical blocks provided technical papers and posters from all aspects of the energy industry. In addition, 22nd WPC put forward a very extensive Social Responsibility Programme, providing an arena for companies to showcase their SR projects; as well as bringing new concepts to the Young Professionals Programme, which enabled a lot of networking opportunities.

Congress Theme: Bridges to Our Energy Future

Today, energy is one of the most important key factors for a sustainable future and well-being of humankind. There is no doubt that oil and natural gas will continue to be the world’s leading energy resources for the foreseeable future. 22nd WPC in Istanbul, which is uniquely spanning the two continents of Europe and Asia, acting as a physical and metaphorical bridge between East and West, is a city that calmly reconciles the traditional with the modern, aimed to allow creating new bridges because the harmony and integrity of science, art and faith create new bridges together. With creating bridges, dialogues, new ideas and cooperations serving the common vision generate.  
With the theme ‘Bridges to Our Energy Future’, the Congress tried to fit for the current challenges we are facing in the petroleum industry. We believe, building bridges between the oil and gas industry, its customers and stakeholders, across nations and oceans, between the different aspects of our sector and also to other industries, will make our industry more efficient and more environmentally sound, which will also help to improve the image both for the upstream and downstream sectors.

22nd WPC: Note of Appreciation

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your support and participation in the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul this July. Your support and engagement at the Congress contributed significantly to the success of the Congress as a leading platform to discuss ideas, solve problems and conduct business.

The 22nd World Petroleum Congress, held from 9th to the 13th July, 2017, despite a lot of industrial, social and political challenges, was a huge success which brought together around 12.000 attendees from 102 countries. We are grateful to the unwavering support of all those involved; sponsors, official partners, supporters, delegates, exhibitors, visitors and the 75 young volunteers who so generously gave of their time and volunteered to make the Congress such a big success.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston in 2020.

Total Number of Participants: 12.000+
Total Number of Presidents / Heads of State: 7
Total Number of Ministers: 38
Number of countries represented: 102
Total Number of Delegates: 4.000+
Media Representatives: 505
Speakers and Presenters: 620
Volunteers: 75
Accompanying persons: 69
Number of exhibiting companies: 105
Number of exhibitors: 1.200+
Total number of sessions: 124