YP Special Session - Break-Throughs: The Intersection of Industry and Technology


In a world that is ever more connected and interdependent, fast changes in one area have wider and deeper consequences than ever before. The impact of social media on election outcomes around the world and the “uberisation” of society are but a few examples. The energy industry by its very nature of powering society will be impacted by the many technology changes lying ahead, both on the supply and the demand side. Different competitors will come to play both in the shape of different energy sources as well as different business models– for example, could small scale distributed solar energy replace power grid connections in developing countries? At the same time, changes in energy consumption patterns might render some traditional industry solutions less relevant. In the connected economy, autonomous driving paired with e-mobility could have a severe impact on petrol demand. Are we prepared for the impact, and informed on the possibilities, that the tech revolution will bring to the new digital oilfield?