22nd WPC Youth Programme

Young Professionals Theme at the 22nd WPC:

"Bridges to a new competitive energy industry"

WPC Young Professionals bring together the passion and talents of industry students, young professionals and emerging leaders willing to contribute shaping the global energy future by being a part of a global community of motivated talents and volunteers.

The WPC Young Professionals seek collaborative and innovative solutions to key technical, social, environmental and management energy challenges for future generations, guided by our values and commitments to: leadership, diversity, participation, sustainability, transparency, and excellence.

At the 22nd WPC, there will be an extensive “YOUTH PROGRAMME”, aiming to utilize youth energy and dynamism, as well as to engage youth more into the ongoing industrial activities and provide a platform to have their say. Many students, researchers and young professionals in the industry from all around the world will have the chance of coming together with about 5000 industry leaders and 20,000 visitors in Istanbul.  

The Youth Events at the Congress will include, but not limited to:


Please click here to see the Tentative Youth Programme Schedule