Oilympics – Istanbul Display on the Screen: Oilympics – Istanbul is going to take place on July 8th, 2017, before the congress. Each group will have gopro cameras and take videos of their journey. At the end, all the videos will be edited to display on the screen at the Youth Lounge.

Technical Tours: For one hour, discover the latest technologies and business at the major oil and gas companies of the world in the Exhibiton Hall. The tour will be followed by networking refreshments.

Work Your Network: Join the WPC YPC for a networking buffet with traditional Turkish dishes at lunch time!

Fine Tune my CV: Meet with an HR representative around a cup of coffee.

Oil Talks: You are young, you are smart and you want to share it with your peers? The floor is yours; get us dreamful, you have 15 minutes.

We want you: Presentation of the WPC YPC and volunteering opportunities! Join an international growing network!

Afterwork: Come and have a drink with the WPC YPC. Open to all to nurture dialogue between students, young professionals and seniors.