RT4 – Upstream portfolio development in cyclic business environments
Thursday 13th July 12:00 pm until 13:00 pm (Hall 1)

Oil price volatility is very challenging for the industry. A low oil price environment demands a focused approach based on high quality decision making in order for companies to maximize returns and achieve their performance targets. Success requires recognition of uncertainty and practicaÜl strategies for the minimization or mitigation of risk to ensure delivery of projects within budget and to generate predictable cash flows. This roundtable will be a discussion around issues such as creating portfolio robustness and development, balancing short and long term value and shareholders perspectives.

Moderator: Graham Talbot
Executive Vice President & CFO, Maersk Energy Division, Denmark 

Emma Cochrane, VP, Upstream Strategic Planning – Upstream Companies, Exxon Mobil, USA
Rob Hull, Director of Technology - Global Technical Solutions, Halliburton, USA 
Adi Karev, Partner, Global Sector Leader, Oil & Gas, Ernst& Young, Hong Kong