RT13 – Perception of the petroleum industry by society
Wednesday, 12 th July 12.00 pm until 13.00 pm (Hall 4)

In a communication driven world where anyone can raise their voice using social media, the oil and gas industry must reinforce its communication strategy in order to transmit the key role that hydrocarbons have in the present and the future and its capability to deliver strong safety, environmental, and community engagement performance. How can oil and gas companies improve their presence in social networks in order to get a better image and be closer to the customer, media and the influencers? How can we cooperate better with institutions, governments and consumers to build public confidence and obtain a social license?

Dr. Renato Bertani
CEO, Barra Energia, Brazil


Ms. Anna Illarionova,Russian Representative, WPC YP Committee, Russia
Mrs.Susannah Pierce, LGN Canada, Canada
Mr. Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, UK