RT11 – Geopolitics and global trends
Monday, 10th July 15:15 - 16:15 (Hall 4)

Geopolitics continue to challenge the global petroleum industry in many aspects. For oil and gas companies, access to reserves and safe routes for development and transportation are of vital importance, while securing energy supplies is paramount for national interests. Regions holding reserves are considered prime assets and are often the subject of political disputes. A thorough understanding of regional and geopolitical trends is therefore essential. How do they impact global operations, and how can we manage to balance the interests of the various stakeholders in the host countries and the industry in order to minimize disruptions and other risks to the operations. In addition, the emergence of unconventional resources has been reshaping geopolitics and marking a break with several established trends in energy supplies.

Moderator: Bob Fryklund
Chief Upstream Strategist, IHS, USA
Prof.Dr. Ş. Volkan Ediger Director, CESD-Center for Energy and Sustainable Energy, Coordinator, Research and Strategy Development Head, Energy Systems Engineering Department Kadir Has University, Turkey

Mr. Juan Vera, COO, Cepsa, Spain
Mr. Wim Thomas, Chief Energy Advisor in Group Strategy – Global Business Environment, Shell Intl, UK