RT10 – Gas from producer to market
Tuesday, 11th July 12:00 am until 13:00 pm (Hall 3)

Connecting producers to markets is key for the gas business. Various gases, including conventional and unconventional gas, are produced with high or low BTU content. Gas markets include power generation, commercial gas, city gas, residential gas etc. To connect production with the consumers an extensive infrastructure, including gas networks, storage, transportation and various facilities, is required. This Round Table will discuss what innovative technology is evolving? How can infrastructure optimization be achieved? How can we minimize the environmental footprint of bringing gas from the producers to the markets?

Moderator: Mehmet Öğütçü
Chairman, Global Resources Partnership, The Bosphorus Energy Club, Turkey

Tor Martin Anfinnsen, SVP Gas, Statoil, Norway
HE Mohammed Al Thani, former Minister of Economy and Trade, Qatar
Weiguo Shan, Director, Economics and Technology Research Institute, CNPC, China
Gulmira Rzayeva, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Strategic Studies (CSS), Azerbaijan