F02 – Unconventional hydrocarbon resource development-North American phenomena or global opportunity?
Monday, 10th July 16:15 - 17:45 (Hall 1)
Poster Session Tuesday 11 July 13:30-15:30 (Poster Plaza)

Oil and gas production from unconventional resources such as tight oil and gas, shale oil and gas and oil sands has made an enormous contribution to hydrocarbon production in North America. Development of similar resources has been very slow outside North America. This forum will address the contributions from unconventional oil and gas to world supply today and future potential, the technologies, government policies and public engagement that have made this possible, and the lessons learned for other parts of the world planning to turn their unconventional resource opportunity into reality.

Chair: Anthony Marino
President and CEO, Vermilion Energy, Canada
Vice Chair: Hafiz Al-Shammery
Manager, Northern Arabia Unconventional Gas Asset Dept, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Vice Chair: Melissa Stark
Managing Director and Global Unconventional Resource Development Lead, Accenture, UK

Papers / Posters