F17 – Cyber security and new technology risks
Monday 10 July 16:15-17:40 (Hall 4)
Poster Session Tuesday 11 July 13:30-15:30 (Poster Plaza)

Cyber-attacks have evolved from random, self-propagating destructive viruses and website hacking attempts with no specific target and limited-in-scope to becoming ever more targeted, financially, or politically driven persistent attacks. The advancement of information technology security controls has also led attackers to adopt increasingly more sophisticated new attack methods. This session will discuss the following areas: how to prepare against targeted cyber-attacks against oil and gas companies, the challenges of securing often outdated critical industrial control systems, role of national agencies and regulators in establishing and enforcing common cyber security standards and controls and overcoming the challenges associated with intelligence sharing among different institutions.

Chair: Ali Al-Masari
Manager, Information Protection Dept., Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Vice Chair: Sthaunusubramonian Sathiavageeswaran
Executive Director - Information Systems, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, India
Vice Chair: Joaquín Reyes
Chief Information Officer, Cepsa, Spain

Papers / Posters