F13 – Sustainable value chains for unconventionals gas
Tuesday 11 July 14:15 – 15:45 pm (Hall 3)
Poster Session Wednesday 12 July 11:00-13:00 (Poster Plaza)

The value chain for the gas industry covers production, processing, transportation, storage and distribution, and each of these sectors has a social and business impact on the industry. For unconventional gas the value chain is largely similar to that of conventional gas but has unique features in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness, as well as social and environmental impacts. We will consider the differences between the value chain of conventional and unconventional gas, review comparative studies and examples of building an effective value chain for unconventional gas which adds value to the company’s revenue line whilst providing a stable supply of gas to the end users.

Chair: Ning Ning
Vice President, RIPED Langfang, China National Petroleum Corporation, China
Vice Chair: Christophe Amadei
VP, Unconventional Development Division, Total, France

Papers / Posters