Congress Sessions

Tuesday, 11th July 2017, 14.15-15.45
ST 2: Bridges to a sustainable energy future: innovative solutions

A high-level moderated session with industry leaders, multilaterals and NGOs to discuss innovative ways of addressing the industry’s approaches to responsible operations in cooperation with all stakeholders to achieve a sustainable energy future for all
Moderator: Sven Mollekleiv, SVP, DNV GL and President, Red Cross, Norway
Followed by an interactive discussion of the main themes with a high-level panel of speakers.

Tuesday, 11th July 2017, 12.00-13.00
RT 12: Ethics, compliance& business principles

Tuesday, 11th July 2017, 16.00-17.00
F 19: Energy Poverty alleviation initiatives

Wednesday, 12th July 2017, 12.00-13.00
RT 13: Perception of the petroleum industry by society

Thursday, 13th July 2017, 14.15-15.45

CEO 9: WPC Leadership: promoting responsible operations and sustainable solutions