Mr. Katsuo Nagasaka joined Chiyoda Corporation in 1976. His nickname was “Fire Ball Boy” during his early days at Chiyoda. After his first assignment to international procurement, he was stationed in New York City and Houston and spent about 6 and a half years as procurement coordinator as well as administrator at the Chiyoda USA subsidiary.

Mr. Nagasaka’s experience with American business during this period turned out to be useful for his remaining career, especially for business relationships with international clients. Mr. Nagasaka returned to Japan in 1984, where he was engaged in international sales and marketing. In 1987 his second assignment outside Japan started in Nigeria. In 1992 he worked in mid-long term business development as a staff member of the Strategic Sales and Marketing office.

He became the head of the Refinery and Petrochemical Sales Division in 2004 and was promoted to Director and head of the Sales and Marketing Division in 2012. He is currently Representative Director and Executive Vice President.